Create Wish Angels


“My Wish Angel arrived yesterday – it’s gorgeous and exactly fits what I wanted. Congrats on producing such a lovely piece of craft and thanks again for prompt delivery.”
- P.K., Co. Dublin

“'Create Wish Angels' have a rare quality to them that has been created out of love, warmth and a sincerity that the artist brings to life in her portrayal of these beautiful hand crafted gifts. 'Angel of Sunshine' did just that; it brought sunshine along with 'the will to go on' back into my friend’s life and is coveted for it's meaning of life, beauty and power.”
- N. Donnelly, Cork

“Beautiful pieces of work, unique and very classy. There’s nothing like them in Ireland. They will stand the test of time.”
- Johanne Kiely, Blarney

“These products are the perfect gift for that little someone special, as they are personalised and timeless.”
- Trish Byrne, Wexford

“ I received the beautiful Wish Angel today by post. It arrived safe and sound. It’s absolutely beautiful – it’s a lot bigger than I anticipated and I’m really happy with it. Thank you so much.”

- Bróna Clifford, Galway

“You can feel when things are made with love – it’s different”.
- customer sending
“Angel of Grace” to Perth, Australia

“I received the Angels this morning and I am absolutely delighted with them. They are such a unique and beautiful gift to give anyone especially a child. Thank you and I look forward to ordering from you again.”.
Sarah Toomey, Co.Kerry

“As a Senior Engineer, over 35 years, I have always appreciated a well-focused approach to design and the ability to bring design to perfect completion. Audrey Shallow has those qualities.”.
- Gerard Keane, Co.Cork

Create Wish Angels
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